Friday, January 16, 2009

Family Friendly Literature

I love family reading. Not only did the kids learn, but I did too! 

Here is a list of my favorite book series that we read together as a family. I recommend collecting as many of these as you can get as you will use them over and over as you teach various subjects. 

These are all older books published in the early 20th century and not always easy to obtain. Some are being republished, so you can buy them new. Others, you will have to find in used bookstores or online. 

This series is new. It is historical fiction, written from a Christian perspective, that introduces the lives of missionaries and other Christian leaders.
I will add more as I think of them. I hope you enjoy!

PS: If you would like to see a complete list of my favorite literature books, they are listed in The Checklist.

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