Friday, February 27, 2009

Weather Games

Make learning about the seasons and weather even more fun by including some of these game ideas:

Weather Words: Give everyone a sheet a paper and a pencil. Set the timer for one minute. When you say go, everybody writes down all the weather words they can think of.

Feather Race: Set up a goal line with a heavy string or rope across the room. Give each player a feather and see who can blow the feather across the room first! 

Fall Leaf Race: Set a timer and see who can collect the most leaves in five minutes. Then pick out the best ones and press them between sheets of wax paper using a warm iron.

Weathervane - Name the four sides of the room as North, South, East and West. Select one player to be the wind who stands in the middle of the room. The rest of the players are the weathervanes located around the room. Played similar to Simon Says, the Wind calls out "North." All the vanes must immediately face North. If the Wind calls out "Storm," the vanes must spin around three times. If the Wind calls out "Breeze," the Vanes must raise up on their toes and sway back and forth. Take turns being the Wind.

Hurricane Pong: Each player must make a paper fan - the heavier the better. Clear an uncarpeted room of obstacles in the center of the room. Mark goal lines on each side of the open space. A ping pong ball is placed in the center of the floor. On a signal, two players use their fans to "blow" the ping pong ball across the room to his or her goal. They are not allowed to touch the ball with their fans. They can only use the wind from the fans to move the ball. The first one to get the ball over his or her goal is the winner.

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