Friday, February 6, 2009

World War I - A Brief Introduction

Studying the World Wars does not sound like a lot of fun; however, using The Checklist for ideas of topics to cover and some creativity, studying the World Wars can be fun and interesting! Here are some resources you can use to create a short unit on World War I for your elementary age students:

Books to Read:
Internet Research:
Poetry, Music and Art:
Hands-On Activities to Do:
  • On a map of the world, color in all the countries involved in World War I. Color the allies in blue and the Central Powers in red.
  • Using clip art and photos, create a scrapbook or timeline of World War I.  
  • Draw a World War I recruitment poster.
  • Cook some World War I Food. Doughboy Recipes.
  • World War I Puzzle.
  • Research one of the major battles of WWI. Draw a map showing where it took place. Describe the battle and its results.
  • Make a list of the Allies and the Axis countries.
  • Pretend you are a solder in Wold War I or child of a soldier. Write your own diary entry.
Movies to Watch:
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