Monday, January 5, 2009

Ancient History Portfolio Junior

For your children who love book-making, cutting, coloring, pasting and writing, here's a resource you won't want to miss: Ancient History Portfolio Junior by Barbara Shukin. 

The portfolio comes in a classy, 3-ring notebook and is printed on quality paper stock, making it just right for storing your child's work all in one place. NOTE: You'll love sharing treasures like this with family, especially when your children are grown!

Included topics are: First Civilizations, Ancient Near East, Ancient Bible Lands, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. 

Your child will enjoy a variety of writing projects, map studies, coloring pages, cut and paste projects, word searches and crossword puzzles as he or she learns about Ancient History. There's even a Bingo game for review. Your older students can use Shukin's orginial Ancient History Portfolio (high school level) at the same time, which will simplify your lesson planning. Who doesn't want that!

Ancient History Portfolio Junior was written to be used along with The Story of the World, Vol. 1, but you could use it with any study material including the free, Internet-based unit studies on my Web site.

Ancient History Portfolio Junior is a fun, educational resource that your Read/Write children will love! I highly recommend it! And don't forget to add these studies to The Checklist, pages 22-51.

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