Monday, March 30, 2009

Art in History: Discovery Through Creativity

As most of you know, I'm a big fan of hands-on projects. They make learning fun and help your students retain what they have learned.

I just discovered a new resource for hands-on learning called Art in History: Discovery Through Creativity. In the words of the publisher, these kits are "historic replicas of art that students decorate to reflect the time period and the culture from which it originated."

Available kits are from time periods ranging from 3,000 BC to present day, making them perfect for unit studies! For instance, if you're doing a unit on the French Revolution, you can create a Limoges Box; a unit on Ancient Rome - an oil lamp; a unit on Romanov Russia - a Faberge-style Egg.

I reviewed a piece from the Civil War era - a southern Face Jug, a ceramic tradition started by African slaves during the 1840s. The ceramic was a large piece, about 5" high and 5" wide. All the stains, paints, brushes and sponges needed were included. The directions were simple and easy to use.

Each kit may be purchased separately for $8.49 each, plus shipping. Apparently, the lesson plans are no longer available, which is a disappointment. However, the kits can be used with any lesson plan.

If you have children who love art, these kits will be a hit!

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