Friday, April 10, 2009

I am Learning All the Time by Rain Perry Fordyce.

Are you looking for a book to give to your child or your friends and relatives to explain what homeschooling is all about in a fun, interesting and simple way? Well, look no further!

Rain has written an adorable picture book for children called “I am Learning All the Time.” The main character is five-year-old Hugh, who is homeschooled. The 38-page, beautifully illustrated picture book follows Hugh in his daily life as he interacts with family and friends, both traditionally schooled and homeschooled. We see him learning both at home and away as well as playing with both his schooled and homeschooled friends.

Your own homeschooled children will recognize themselves as they watch Hugh learn about bugs, dinosaurs, money and space shuttles as he goes about his daily life at home and away.
But more importantly, this is an effective tool to share with your friends and relatives who wonder what you do all day as a homeschooling family. They will understand what it means to “learn all the time,” and begin to see homeschooling in a more positive light. They may even wish their own children were homeschooling!

For those who would like to know, there is a very brief mention of wizards and a tyrannosaurus rex who “survived over seventy million years.” Rain follows the Unschooling style of learning.

This is not a peak into the “school-at-home” variety of homeschooling. This is what I call a real education – the kind that Thomas Edison had as a kid. This is about learning all the time and wherever you go. This is about reading together, building things together, learning at the grocery store, and exploring the world around you. You can do this whether you add in some structured book learning or not.

I heartily recommend this as a tool to help your child understand how homeschooling fits in with “real life,” and to show non-homeschoolers what really goes on in many homeschooling family’s lives.

For more information or to order, go to the Homeschool Adventure Books Web site. You’ll even find free coloring pages to go along with the book!

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