Monday, April 13, 2009

Job Fair Idea from Kelly Allen

When I was homeschooling in the 80's, we lived for a short time next door (actually we lived in their yard in a mobile home!) to a wonderful family, Roger and Jean Rockey in Virginia Beach. A death in the family was the cause of these strange living conditions and the Rockey's were gracious enough to allow us to invade their turf while my husband finished his master's degree at Regent University.

Anyway, one of the Rockey children, Kelly, who is now Kelly Allen, was a good friend of my daughter, Shelly. We took her and her brother John (who was friends with my son, Wil) with us whenever we went on homeschool adventures. We all have wonderful memories of hiking and exploring Sandbridge - one of our frequent hangouts. 

Kelly is now homeschooling her own children! (How time flies!). She recently wrote me about a job fair that she did with her children. It was such a good idea, I am posting it here:
"At the end of this past school year, I made our own "job fair" for my younger kids. I made big poster board displays for four different job fields (I chose Marine Biology, Teaching, Missions and Engineering) with lots of pictures of things that you might experience in those fields. Then I wrote up a "check list" of activities for the week. The kids had to pick which job they wanted to experience and then complete the list of activities to "experience" that job.

"We talked about skills that were needed, how their education helps prepare them for the job they would like, and what kind of "adventures" you might face in each job field. I displayed objects for them to touch and play with that represented each field (like a hard hat, graph paper, tools and a briefcase for engineering; objects from foreign countries, a back pack and bible for missions; etc, etc,). My goal was to keep it fun and interesting but to help them see how the work that they do (mastering those subjects that might be challenging for them) now will help them prepare for the life they would like to have when they are older.

"The kids really loved it. My plan is to make the Job Fair an annual celebration to close out the school year. I am hoping that by the time they get to 7th grade they will be able to remember all the jobs we learned about and will have already thought through the kind of work they would like to do."
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