Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Tower of Babel by John Taylor

The Tower of Babel by John Taylor is a beautiful hardback book containing 22 pages of vivid color illustrations and large print text. Although marketed as a pop-up book, there is actually only one pop-up — a large two-page-wide model of the Tower of Babel that pops up on the first page and remains up throughout the book.

The book is based on Genesis 11:1-9 in the Bible. It introduces the reader to the Tower of Babel and provides a brief explanation as to how we got our various people groups.

Although it is advertised for ages 4-8, I recommend reading it as part of a family Bible study before reading the actual account in the Bible. The vocabulary and subject matter is too difficult for most four to eight year olds to grasp on their own. On the other hand, your older children will probably want more explanation than is given in this book.

As an introduction to this passage of scripture, The Tower of Babel does a great job. The beautiful color illustrations and fun pop-up Tower of Babel will keep your children’s interest as you read and discuss the text together.

For a more detailed Biblical explanation of the Tower of Babel and our various people groups, I recommend the Answers In Genesis Web site.

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