Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to Speed Up Your Child's Reading

If you can afford it, I highly recommend buying a Kindle 2 to help your reluctant reader. The Kindle's text-to-speech capability can reinforce reading skills and increase fluency. My husband,  Bill, who has some vision loss, is my proof. 

Before the Kindle, like many men (and boys), Bill didn't enjoy reading. In fact, he rarely read a book. But now, because of the Kindle, he reads all the time!  

Bill's had the Kindle for more than six months now, and he loves it. He takes it with him everywhere we go. He reads while I shop, while waiting for appointments, and even at home instead of watching TV. That's a huge change!

The text-to-speech feature is increasing his reading speed, too. I discover that when I tried using his Kindle one day and couldn't keep up with the speed on which he had it set to scroll. After seeing Bill use the Kindle, I heartily recommended it to anyone who has a reluctant reader. 

Please note: Not every book makes text-to-speech available. Check before you buy! Also, complain to Random House (and then boycott them) for forcing Amazon to disable the text-to-speech feature. They are afraid of losing money, when instead, my husband proves that they could make a lot more sales because of people like him. In fact, now I have to buy two copies of a book instead of one. Bill likes the Kindle, but I don't. I want the real book. So, we buy two copies of books we want to read together - one Kindle version and one in print. But it's worth it to me to see Bill enjoy reading and then we have something to talk about together. It's better than a movie!

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