Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Great Depression by !zzit

Your teens will love The Great Depression video from !, and you'll be glad they watched it. They really will learn something! This 12-minute video explains the causes of the Great Depression in a way that anyone can understand. The adorable, teenage hostess, Carra Cheslin, is a pleasure to watch as she visits the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve in her quest to explain what happened to cause the Great Depression, how people were affected, and how we avoided a similar depression in 2000.

Included on the DVD is a teacher's guide which includes discussion questions and a quiz, as well as a transcript of the video. Using this video is an effective way to interest your teens in the Great Depression and the Stock Market. Even your younger children will enjoy it. The video is professionally produced and will definitely appeal to its target audience - teens.

The only drawback for homeschool families is the price. At $29.95, it's expensive for a 12-minute introduction to the Great Depression. The price makes an item like this out of reach for a majority of homeschooling families. One solution would be to have your homeschool support group purchase the video and make it available to its members in the lending library. For those that can afford it, it's a wonderful resource to keep on hand for additional children as they reach their teen years.

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