Saturday, October 31, 2009

Genesis by Catherine Zoller

I used to love playing "what's that" when reading to my children. "What's that?" I'd ask, pointing to a bug or a dog in the story. They'd race to be the first to shout the answer. If the illustrations were colorful and complicated, I'd changed it to, "Where's the bug?" or "Where's the dog?" I still remember my kids' excitement as they searched the page to find the object in question. This is the kind of reading that makes wonderful family memories.

Catherine Zoller's Genesis is the perfect "What's that?" book. Each page of this beautifully illustrated book is a treasure chest of colorful and zany animals, insects, birds, and people, just waiting to be opened.

The text, written in poetry, along with the colorful and zany illustrations make this a very fun book to read as a family. The subject matter and the vocabulary make it educational.

Zoller tells the story of Genesis from creation to Abraham in words that not only entertains, but also challenges the listener. She uses words such as dedicated, interpreted, and corporate, as well as testimony, communion, and implement. Not the type of vocabulary usually associated with books written for this age group; but, by reading a few pages at a time, discussing the pictures and talking about the meaning of the more difficult words, parents are provided a perfect opportunity to share not only a great story, but also their faith.

Genesis is a delightful book, and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. For more information, log on to

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