Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Homeschool High School? Yes, You Can!

Should I homeschool high school? I don’t have a college degree – how can I teach high school subjects? What about social activities, diplomas and graduation? Will my teen get in to college? My teen doesn’t want to go to college – now what?
If these are some of the questions you have about homeschooling high school, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to attend “Homeschool High School? Yes, I Did It,” seminar by veteran homeschool mom and author, Cindy Downes.
Cindy has been involved in homeschooling since 1981. She taught her two children at home from PreK through 12th grade with only a high school diploma. In 2007, both Cindy and her homeschooled daughter, returned to college as adults. Cindy graduated in 2009 with a journalism degree from Oklahoma State University. Her daughter is a junior at NSU and plans on getting her Masters Degree in English. Her son owns his own computer graphics business and lives in Hollywood, CA.
Cindy will share her family’s adventures from both high school and college. Her goal is to encourage you that, with God, you can homeschool high school, too!

Sponsor: SCHEF Mom's Fellowship
Time and Date: 6:30 pm. April 26, 2010
Place: Hillcrest Baptist Church, 902 N. Washington, Stillwater, OK
Contact: Stephanie Ochsner  Email:

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