Friday, April 9, 2010

Reading Problems? Here's a solution

When looking for homeschool resources, don’t overlook resources used by professional educators. Here are two resources created for schoolteachers that can be extremely helpful to homeschooling parents with struggling readers.
Informal Tests for Diagnosing Specific Reading Problems by Stephen A. Pavlak, Ph.D. This book provides more than 70 ready-to-use diagnostic tests that identify a child’s individual reading problems. The tests are informal and written without specialized educational terminology, which makes them easily adaptable for homeschool use. The tests will help you identify specific reading problems your child may have including: letter discrimination, letter reversals and inversions, letter sound, consonant and vowel recognition, vocabulary and reading comprehension, oral reading, and survival reading skills (interpreting information and using references). All the directions you need are provided as well as recordkeeping forms to help you analyze the results.
Classroom Activities for Correcting Specific Reading Problems by Stephen A. Pavlak, Ph.D. Used along with Informal Tests for Diagnosing Specific Reading Problems by the same author, this resource will help correct the problems identified with the tests. The book includes 234 activities that can be easily adapted to a homeschool setting including: letter, letter and sound, vocabulary, comprehension, interpretation, critical reading, oral reading, and survival reading. The directions are simple to understand and follow. Everything you need is in the book including a reproducible checklist of reading skills to keep track of what your child knows and needs to learn.
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