Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brand New Website! How to Homeschool Today

I have just launched my new website, How To Homeschool Today! I hope you will check it out and share the link with other homeschoolers that you know. 

I created this website for owners of The Checklist; however, it’s available to anyone interested in educating children. On this site, you’ll learn about homeschooling, discover how to choose the best curriculum, and have access to free record keeping forms, worksheets, and unit studies, as well as many other educational resources.

You'll also learn about my products including The Checklist Assistant, a subscription-based database to help you find specific resources for specific topics of study.

Other features:
I would love to hear your thoughts about the new website! Please check it out and post your comments. 

Thanks! Cindy Downes

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