Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The LessonBoard

Don’t let your child develop “two-finger” typing skills. You can easily teach your children to type as soon as they begin reading, using the right tools.

Chester Creek has developed a keyboard that I highly recommend for teaching young children to type. It’s called the LessonBoard.

The LessonBoard is a color-coded keyboard designed to teach the correct fingering. Each finger is assigned a color, making it easy for children to learn which finger to use when typing the letters, numbers and function keys on the keyboard.   

The LessonBoard is standard size, but yet lightweight. It includes all function keys as well as a numeric keypad. The keys are large and easy to press; and, it’s sturdy, a definite plus around young children!

The LessonBoard is compatible with Windows and Macintosh computers and comes with a USB connector, as well as a PS/2 adapter for older systems. It even includes a free, 3-month subscription to ClassroomTyping.com, an online typing training and testing system.

I LOVE this keyboard for young children! It’s bright, colorful, and lightweight. It’s easy to use and extremely helpful for teaching children the correct fingering. And at $39.95, it’s not an expensive investment. The LessonBoard is perfect for new learners and for   with vision and/or dexterity problems.

I taught my children to type at age eight, and I wish I had had this keyboard. It would have made the job a bit more fun and easier. One suggestion I do have is this: after your child learns the keys, cover the letters and numbers with adhesive tape. This will keep them from being dependent on reading the keys and help them increase speed.

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